Fianarantsoa - East coast of Madagascar


Located on the edge of the Ranomafana National Park (Madagascar's second most visited protected area), the FCE line fits naturally into this dynamics of eco tourism. This railway, is among the steepest in the world that literally plunges you into an exceptional biodiversity of grandiose landscapes of steep cliffs, waterfalls, rice fields, hills dotted Malagasy Ravinalas (Traditional Malagasy Palm Trees) and the beauty of the Eastern rainforest. Far from the beaten track of the classic tourist circuits, this trip will allow you to get in touch with the local and rural populations of Madagascar. This train passes by some Madagascar’s most beautiful landscapes, you will witness many of Madagascar’s ancestral customs and will experience the traditional daily life of Malagasy people. This railway is the heart of the economy of this region. It has proven the only source of livelihood for several of the of villages which without it would be completely cut off from the world.


Great landscapes of the Eastern rainforest, waterfalls, steep cliffs, rice fields, hills dotted with banana and Ravinala palm trees.


Your journey will begin in the highlands at an altitude of 1100 meters (Sahambavy tea plantations) and will end at sea level (Manakara - East Coast). The duration of the trip is dependent on the time of loading and unloading in each station but also the weather. An average of 8 to 12 hours is expected for the descent and even more on the way back (not recommended) !!!! The extended stops give you time to enjoy the dishes proposed by locals such as crawfish typical Ranomena, cakes of rice, banana donuts, vanilla, lychees, guavas, tropical fruits ...