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SHOP ORGANIC PRODUCTS (honeys -rhum arranged - natural herbs- clays -moringa-baobab powder) Our shop offers organic products (eucalyptus honey, flower honey, niaouli honey and lychee honey) made on site by Olga and her family. We manufacture our homemade rums (all spices, lychees, etc ...) to help promote the work of local Sahambavy craftsmen. Our embroidery and baskets made of rafia or reeds help give work to women living in the rural areas of Sahambavy. Our products are limited to crafts and locally sourced items. ARTISANAL SOAP 100% We manufacture 100% natural cold soaps. This soap-making process which been replaced by the industrialization of manufacturing processes has actually been used for many years. The artisanal production of our soaps is eco friendly and bio-degradable. Particular attention is paid to the choices of simple and natural ingredients used to produce the soap which utilizes 100% vegan products (baobab oils- marula oil - coconut oil-jojoba oil - castor oil). These locally sourced oils have proven to be very beneficial to your skin offering antioxidant that will leave you with glowing and silky smooth skin. To provide you with a great product we essential oils such as ravintsara, ylang ylang, cinnamon, lemongrass, geranium to enhance the smells and provide our customers with options as far as varieties of soaps. THE PRICE OF OUR SOAPS Our soaps are priced a little higher than that of industrial soaps because of the the quality of raw materials used to produced them. Our top quality handmade soaps are naturally sourced, fare-trade and uses top quality products that is not only beneficial to you but to our precious environment. With the purchase of our soaps not only are you buying an especially crafted item but you are helping to support the local economy where we source our ingredients to make the soaps. We hope that you will appreciate using our soaps as much as we like to produce them!

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